Musical Hanukkah Flashback #13


Many of you West of Mars groupies are here for Roadie Poet. For Trevor. For Mitchell.

They’re all great characters to fall in love with.

But a few of you dig Chelle LaFleur — the music writer who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Today’s Musical Hanukkah Flashback features Chelle. She’s rounding up the 2008 Musical Hanukkah Celebration, touting up the fictional money that was donated to a fictional charity.

I think those numbers are pretty cool. I’d love to have as much clout as ShapeShifter, so I can make a similar donation. Instead, at least 50% of the royalties from the November and December sales of my books will be going to charity. Check out the contests page for full details. You know you want to get involved!

If you’d like to start reading the Musical Hanukkah Flashbacks, and flash backs to each post, click here. This link will take you to the next in the sequence.


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