Musical Hanukkah Flashback #17


Believe it or not, this is our final Musical Hanukkah Flashback. Know what that means???


But first, go back to this Thursday Thirteen, will ya? I totally invented thirteen kids whose lives had been touched by the music in our schools program, such as the one who’ll be receiving at least 50% of my royalties in November and December. If you’ve got the books already, remember, the holiday shopping season is almost on top of us. You’ll need gifts for friends and family members — and books make great gifts! (I can even autograph them for you!)

Aunt Sally won’t like a book? Why not donate the same amount of money you’d spend on her gift and tell her what you did, instead. A direct link (and full details, including the bit about thank-you prizes you’ll be eligible to win for supporting the cause this way) is available on my contest page.

If you’d like to follow the evolution of (and the adventures behind) the Musical Hanukkah Celebration, use this link to the first flashback.


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  1. Alice Audrey

    October 24, 2010 4:36 pm

    I remember that Thursday Thirteen from when you first posted it.

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