Musical Hanukkah Flashback #8


Ready to launch into some fiction? Although this piece will appear in Demo Tapes: Year 3 (which I’m still hoping to release in conjunction with this charity push of mine), why wait?

In Moving the Celebration, the band has to sift through the verbal diarrhea that comes with their manager. The guy’s good at what he does… he just never shuts up.

There are changes afoot for ShapeShifter. New challenges to face. Including a few they don’t know about yet…

Remember, gang, we’re doing this because I’ll be donating at least 50% of my royalties in November and December to charity. See the contests page for full details, including a link for a direct donation. I’ve got some prizes for you, if you’d like to make a difference that way.

Today’s student can be tomorrow’s Lady Gaga. Let’s make sure our kids have the chance to experience the power and beauty of music.

Need to start flashing back from the beginning? Follow this link. As each new flashback gets posted, I’m going back and including the link to the next one. By the end of October, you’ll be able to hopscotch all the way from the first to the last!


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