Obey Your Master


Maybe you’ve heard about this already. Maybe not.

Either way, it’s still effing cool and right about now, I’m wishing I was a visual artist and not merely a writer. (Merely! Ha!)

A bunch of artists have gotten together and created art that, to them, represents Metallica songs. You’ve got to see some of the art that’s been made (scroll down). It’s wild. It’s cool. It’s out there.

You may even realize that some of these artists don’t usually make visual art. Some clownish types do.

At any rate, it’s cool. I wish I could see it in person. Heck, I wish I was visual enough to have been a contributor. But… I’m not. I’m just your basic writer (basic!) and Rock Fiction expert…

Maybe they’ll call on me to edit a short story anthology based on Metallica songs… Now, THAT would be cool.


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