Only the Good Friday: And I’m off!


Still basking in the Penguins’ victory last night, which had the guy who sits beside me rubbing my head with each of the Penguins’ four goals (and me fondly evoking memories of when I used to rub my cousin’s head for good luck), I’m now changing gears from the sports fan into…

Reader Fan Girl.
Cool-assed Rock and Roll Author.
Book Lover.
Road Tripper.

Take your pick. They all fit. (and yes, that’s Trevor saying I’m cool assed, although the teacher I just met with up at the kids’ school loved my t-shirt and may agree, also.)

Yep, I mentioned it last week, so here it is again. I’m off to the Lori Foster Reader-Author weekend. If you’re in the Cincinnati area on Saturday, drop by the West Chester Marriott between 2 and 4. I’ll be there with copies of The Demo Tapes that you can buy, and so will other authors. LOTS of other authors.

1. Allie K. Adams, Eve Adams
2. Liz Andrews
3. Kristi Ahlers
4. Vivian Arend
5. D. Renee Bagby, Zenobia Renquist
6. Laura Baumbach
7. Jules Bennet, Sophia Rae
8. Jacki Bentley
9. Faith Bicknell-Brown, Zinnia Hope, J. Emberglass
10. Trinity Blacio
11. Brit Blaise, Judi Thoman, Lee Avalone
12. Toni Blake, Lacey Alexander
13. Stephanie Burke
14. Rhian Cahill
15. Stella Cameron
16. Mari Carr
17. Dianne Castell
18. Billie Warren Chai
19. Sam Cheever
20. Ann Christopher
21. Lisa Cooke
22. Paige Cuccaro, Allison Paige
23. Bianca D’Arc
24. Kensana Darnell
25. Jami Davenport, Sofia Hunt
26. Gia Dawn
27. Vivien Dean
28. Blake Deveraux
29. Cheryl Dragon
30. Monette Draer, Rae Morgan, Monette Michaels
31. M. A. Ellis
32. Pepper Espinoza, Jamie Craig
33. Lori Foster
34. Jacquelyn Frank
35. Shelley Galloay, Shelley Shepard Gray
36. Eliza Gayle
37. Liane Gentry Skye
38. Xandra Gregory
39. Cynthia L. Hall
40. Susan Gee Heino
41. Leanna Hieber
42. Joey W. Hill
43. Jenni Holbrook
44. Emma Holly
45. Carolann Ivey
46. Julie James
47. Lorelie James, Lori Armstrong
48. Maddie James, Mia Jae
49. Marcia James
50. Sandy James
51. Jambrea Jo Jones
52. Marteeka Karland
53. Tambra Kendall, Keelia Greer
54. Beth Kery
55. Angela Knight
56. Rosemary Laurey/Georgia Evans/Madeleine Oh
57. Jamaica Layne/ Jill Elaine Hughes
58. Bonnie Rose Leigh
59. Lora Leigh
60. Mary Lennox
61. Michelle Levigne
62. Cathy Liggett
63. Marjorie M. Liu
64. Melissa Lopez
65. Dianna Love
66. Donna MacMeans
67. Annie Marshall
68. Janie Mason
69. Lissa Matthews
70. Kelsey Maxwell
71. Janice Maynard, Elizabeth Scott
72. Belinda McBride
73. Erin McCarthy, Erin Lynn
74. Sarah McCarty
75. D. McEntire
76. LuAnn McLane
77. Patricia McLinn
78. Bethany Michaels
79. Jodi Leisure Minton
80. Natasha Moore
81. Kerri Nelson
82. Lorie O’Clare
83. Sarah Parr
84. Sandy Patsy
85. Anne Rainey
86. Tonya Ramagos
87. Tracy L. Ranson
88. S.J. Ronayne
89. Lexi Ryan
90. Jayne Rylon
91. Patricia Sargeant
92. Jan Scarbrough
93. Kay Stockham
94. Violet Summers, Sierra Summers
95. V.J., Violet Summers
96. Veronica Towers
97. Aeryn Traxx/Aislyn Faye/Alyce Mitchell
98. Harrison Turner
99. Paige Tyler
100. Shiloh Walker
101. Ann Warner
102. Joanna Waugh
103. Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Allie Mackay
104. J.C. Wilder
105. Emma Wildes
106. Gwen Williams, Denise Gwen
107. Michelle L. Witvliet
108. Tianna Xander

Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

You’ll get lots of tales of fun when I get back. And those of you wondering what I’ll be doing with the very dead Soul Bendorff, stay tuned. There’s much to be done with Soul. Stay tuned.



  1. Julia Smith

    June 5, 2009 11:22 am

    Oh, I wish I’d known ahead of time that you were there in the arena while I watched Game 4 last night!! LOL at the guy rubbing your head!!

    Have a great time at the book weekend and I can’t wait for all the stories.

    Julia Smith’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen – 109 – 13 Things I’ve Been Doing While My Computer’s in The Shop

  2. Thomma Lyn

    June 7, 2009 1:22 am

    Have a safe and fun trip! Can’t wait to hear how things went. 🙂

    Thomma Lyn’s last blog post..Saw More Ghost Flowers

  3. keith

    June 7, 2009 3:58 am

    Sunday Scribblings seems to have disappeared, but there is an alternative, Carry On Tuesday. The new prompt is up, hope you can join us.

  4. BeadedTail

    June 7, 2009 11:01 pm

    Hope you had a great weekend! I read The Demo Tapes yesterday and enjoyed it very much! I found your blog after the first year of posting about Trevor and the gang so the book really introduced the characters to me and left me wanting to read more! I like your writing style and how I can just picture what all is going on by what you say. You are certainly a cool-assed rock and roll writer!

    BeadedTail’s last blog post..Summer Scenes

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