Only the Good Friday: The Movement Grows


I’ve been reading too much Captain Underpants ’cause I want to giggle, all Beavis-like, at the idea that I’ve started a movement. (“I said movement!”)

But maybe I have. I sure hope so.

You’ve been hearing a LOT about me trying to sell LOTS of books so I can donate part of the royalties to charity (So far, we’ve raised about $12. That’s it! I was hoping for … more).

Two authors have joined me in this effort, and I want to tell you who they are, so you can buy THEIR books if you won’t buy mine. (*sniff* books make great gifts, you know!)

First is Sue Lange. You can buy her collection of short work (the stories even have intros, like The Demo Tapes do!) via Smashwords. It’s called Uncategorized, and yes, I’ve read it. (here are some of my thoughts, in case you missed them) For a whopping $1.99, you can read it, too. AND help make a donation to Haiti.

Second is my good friend Wylie Kinson. I love Wylie; talking to her is like talking to a super-strong breath of fresh air. She’s got two books out via Ellora’s Cave, and while I’ve only read the one (Law of Averages), I’m confident in telling you to pick up both these books and settle in for a steamy read. These books are on the pricier side (yes, sarcasm intended); one’s priced over five bucks and the other just under four and a half.

So. Check out some Susan-approved authors. If you hear of more authors who’re doing the donation thing, let me know I’ll help spread the word. Many of you have been helping spread the word about me, so please. Let me return the favor.

Let’s do some good in the world. Royalties to help Haiti.



  1. Alice Audrey

    January 22, 2010 4:49 pm

    Doesn’t surprise me at all that you would start a trend.
    .-= Alice Audrey´s last blog ..Suzie’s House 148: A Quality Mom =-.

  2. Wylie

    February 10, 2010 5:14 pm

    Catching up on past blogposts I missed. Good thing, eh? LOL
    Thanks for the shout out… but I think you meant a ‘super strong breath of HOT air’ 😉
    .-= Wylie´s last blog ..Huh? What was that? Speak up please! =-.

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