I don’t know if it’s the writer in me or what, but when there’s a chance to do something new and/or different, I’m usually right at the front of the line, eager for my chance to experience whatever it is.

Last night, it was Pittsburgh’s new Arena Football League team, the Power.

The offer had come down through the Boy Scouts. Discount tickets, a meet and greet with the coach beforehand, the game, a bobblehead for all, and an autograph session afterward. Turns out the only thing special was the meet and greet with the coach, who called a few of the players over, as well. Next time, I hope he uses a better script.

As we walked onto the field at the Consol — yes, where my Penguins spend the winter. And fall. And spring. And, in good years, the early part of summer — many of the players were sitting on the walls, and we had to go around them. A few thanked us for coming. All were gracious and glad to see us; attendance this first year hasn’t been so great. Last night, the team pulled in 8600, into an arena that packs 18,000 in for hockey. (To be fair, a number of the seats in the Consol are blocked off for Power games. But I do wonder if those seats would be open, should demand be there.)

So I’m feeling good about this. The team, they’re classy. A far cry from the usual stories we see on the news. Not to mention the hoopla over Hines Ward’s arrest for apparent DUI over the weekend.

And then the game begins. Yes, it’s faster than the NFL, which is a game I refuse to ever attend in person again. Every time I call my attention back to the field, the play’s over. Give me my clean bathrooms at home, my heated family room, and Tunch and Billy on the radio, you know?

But there’s more. This game’s got ATTITUDE. It’s in the announcer, who’s just great. It’s in the coach, who was on the field (what??? Seriously! He stood ON the field like I did when I coached ice hockey for six year olds!). It’s in the crowd, who dances and shouts and whoo-boy, are some of these fans into their Power. It’s in the halftime show, which was a real show, complete with local singer. And the Sparks, the professional dance team.

I’d go back, most definitely. I doubt I’d ever learn to love the AFL as much as I love my hockey, but that’s not a shock to anyone. It was a fun night, and the team makes good on their fan’s bill of rights. (I’ll let you read it yourself.) I’d have loved to stay for the autograph session after the game, but the team was blown out, it was a Sunday night, and we were all tired.

Definitely next time.

I’m looking forward to watching this team grow and improve. For a first year to be 8 and 8 is pretty darn good. I’ve sat through Penguin seasons that weren’t nearly as successful, and that’s in the past ten years. And the Pirates? Sheesh.

One note, though: the Sparks. When my daughter and I went to the bathroom (why are they bigger, roomier, and with a nicer floor than up in the upper bowl, where our Penguin seats are?), she said, “It looks like some of the Sparks had plastic surgery on their chests.”

She’s almost NINE. And she can spot a pair of falsies. (I wonder what Charlotte at the Great Fitness Experiment would say to that?)

Skinny may be sexy, but having nice toned muscles is sexier. And for those dancers who didn’t get implants? (and yes, there are some) Kudos. Ladies, you are athletes, too, remember. Embrace your bodies, take care of them, and let the world see that a strong, toned woman is a sexy woman.



  1. carol

    July 11, 2011 1:21 pm

    I had been wondering if it was worth going to a game. Maybe we’ll give it a shot next year.

  2. Thomma Lyn

    July 14, 2011 1:36 pm

    YES to strong women! I’m trying to get back on the Blogosphere on a more regular basis. Good to be here, my friend!

  3. Imaginography

    July 16, 2011 8:19 am

    Sounds like you had a fab time but I gotta ask; What is a bobblehead?

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