The Day Before


Actually, it’s the day after, as well: the day after a long weekend full of celebration and more carbs than you can shake a stick at, many of which are still clogging my fridge and freezers.

But it’s also the day before: The day before Rocktober begins. We’ll kick off the month with a Featured New Book Spotlight from my dear friend Thomma Lyn Grindstaff, and go from there into some reviews and some features.

Got a work of Rock Fiction you forgot to mention to me? Know of one you think needs to be exposed to a wider audience?

It’s not too late.

Due to the above-mentioned celebration and my crazy busy (for which I am endlessly grateful) editing schedule, Rocktober this year won’t be as big as I was hoping for. But what I have for you is good, good stuff.

The rocking and the rolling begin in less than 24 hours. Are you ready?


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  1. Jaleta Clegg

    September 30, 2013 9:04 am

    Woot! Good luck with Rocktober! If I wrote rock fiction, I’d be all over this.

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