Randy Blythe is a Class Act


That’s a pretty major judgment for me, who doesn’t like to make such judgments on this blog.

If you don’t know the story, I was following it on a time delay; days behind in my feed reader (I still am, in fact!), I hadn’t wanted to comment or say anything, and yes, the situation is on my list to spend some time letting Chelle rant about. I probably will still let her.

Here’s the story: Randy Blythe is the frontman for Lamb of God. He was arrested in Prague because at a LoG show, a fan died. The authorities are, rightly or wrongly, holding Blythe accountable.

After his arrest, Blythe was thrown in jail. Bail was set. Bail was posted. Blythe wasn’t released. He spent a month in the slammer, in a foreign country. It must have sucked.

But… Wednesday, as I was trying to get ahead in the stupid feed reader (didn’t happen!), I came across this statement Blythe has made. Thanks to Blabbermouth for printing it and for letting me link to it.

What a classy, classy dude he is. My hat’s off to you, Randy. And gosh darn it, would you come spend some time teaching my kid to be as awesome as you are?


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  1. Dana Griffin

    August 14, 2012 9:48 pm

    You’re right. It would have been pretty easy to be vindictive towards the Prague police, but he wasn’t. I hope that if I’m ever in the same situation I can be as gracious as he was.

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