Rewarded, Awarded…


Before I get to the WAY overdue awards, let me announce the winner of Hank Phillippi Ryan’s Prime Time. It’s Teresa W. I’ll be contacting her today.

Thanks to everyone who entered. We just might see more book gives in the future. Anything to help get the word out.

Speaking of getting the word out, here’s the WAY overdue award acknowledgment post:

However you look at it, I love it when you guys include me in your awards. I say it every time, and every single time, it’s true. And yes, when I get down, I DO come and hug them all.

It’s a writer thing. We get down and feel unloved. We don’t all have Trevor’s ego. Or, at least, I don’t.

Anyway, let’s see who’s got what sort of love for me. Lots of good stuff ahead, so be warned!

First off is Aerin, who has the coolest spelling of her name, don’tcha think? The only spelling that could be better would be Aeryn — all you fellow Farscape fans follow my thinking. Aerin’s blog is In Search of Giants, and she gave me the Your Blog is Fabulous Award. The giants in her blog name refer to all things literary. We like Aerin, and we LOVE her 7 questions author interview. Wow. Good stuff; be sure you check it out.
Fabulous Blog Award
Now it’s time for another favorite: the Proximidade award. My friend Missy, at the Incurable Disease of Writing, passed this along to me. We don’t leave each other comments nearly as much as we used to, but then, I am leaving fewer comments of late. Working on three books at once will do that to you. And yes, one of those three IS the Demo Tapes, Year 2.
Proximidade Award
The ever-awesome JM at Fiction Scribe didn’t just review Demo Tapes, Year 1 (didja see that?), she also handed me the Premio Dardos award. That’s Italian for Prize Darts, which makes perfect sense to me… uh-huh… sure… Whatever. It could mean Eat Poison Dart Frogs and I’d love it. The award. Not eating poison dart frogs, which I don’t think is a particularly good idea.

Three of my book blogging friends passed the Sisterhood Award along. Hopefully they’re sisters like Amy is a sister to Mitchell, and not like the mean step-sisters of Cinderella fame. Who are these lovelies, you ask? Good question. The first is Serena, she of the Savvy Verse and Wit. If you’re into poetry at all, you ought to hang at Savvy Verse. The poets she finds makes Roadie Poet look like the rank amateur he is.
Sisterhood Award
The next Sisterhood friend is Drey, of Drey’s Library. Drey is the latest book blogger I’ve been swapping e-mails with. I couldn’t be having more fun if I was Trevor, and me and Drey were swapping spit. Drey’s awesome, so be sure to stop in and meet her, too.

Another Sisterhood friend is Redlady, of Redlady’s Reading Room. Bonnie’s her real name and she’s mega cool. She is one of the many reasons of late why my Google Reader is impossible to keep up with.

Enough sisterhood; how about some chicken? The Zombie Chicken, who’s been making the rounds of late. He’s finally arrived at West of Mars (looking for the famed Mars spaceship, most likely). My long-time friend Cherie of CheriePie’s books, sent him to put Trevor in his place. Because we all know it takes a zombie chicken to do just that.
Zombie Chickens!
So did Anna, my friend who runs Diary of an Eccentric. Maybe I’ll forgive her and Serena for going to BEA without me. Maybe.

Tia at Tia’s Writing Blog loves my blog. I love hers; both of them. If you don’t know Tia, you should take the time to check her out. She runs the much-lauded Fantasy Debut site. You guys know I dig fantasy, and I’m all about debuts, so… I love Tia and what she’s doing.

Am I a super commentor? Some of you seem to think so, and I certainly try. That’s why I’m not surprised Alice has handed me the Super Comments award. Way cool. Alice. The Award. Both.
Soooper Commenter Award
Want a sixpence of awards? Patricia at Subjective Soup handed me six lovely awards. Six, I say. Wow. And she says I’m kind to authors and struggling writers.

You know, I feel like I don’t nearly enough for authors and struggling writers.

J. Kaye might be among the many who disagree with that. She’s given me the Heartfelt Award. And when she says she owes me and Bridget a huge debt for posting her gives for her at Win a Book… wow. J. Kaye, you don’t owe either of us anything. But if you insist, we’ll take a book or two…
Heartfelt Award
(Have you SEEN the size of Mt. TBR lately? That is an entirely empty statement. No need to send books. Seriously.)

To all of you guys, all I can say is a heartfelt thank you. Many of these are way overdue in being acknowledged; sorry about that. Between the success of Win a Book and the work involved with The Demo Tapes — and my own natural inability to express gratitude with graciousness or in a timely fashion — well, what can I say?

Instead of passing these awards on, let me point you to some friends I’ve made. Old and new. ’cause, you know, if *I* say someone’s cool, they are.

Mason Mania If this sock puppet doesn’t dissolve you into laughter, nothing on the planet can. Catch this bandwagon early on ’cause we’ve got a phenomenon on our hands!

Marcia at MeeAugraphie has been a stalwart friend and fan. Be sure to stop by and check out her poetry.

And, of course, everyone else I’ve already mentioned. Every last one of these blogs is worth your time — for more than a skim, I’d like to mention.

Go for it. Make some new friends. Blame it on Trevor; we all know you like him better than me anyway. (As well you should! I’m boring.)



  1. Mason

    July 7, 2009 7:05 pm

    Hey everyone, she’s just kidding! You won’t dissolve if you visit me! At least no one has yet. Unless you count that…er…never mind!
    Thanks, Susan, for the nice words. A sock, even a famous sock, should in fact, be attracted by static cling!

    Mason’s last blog post..Mason on Hidden Messages!

  2. Petula

    July 7, 2009 10:17 pm

    Wow! Congratulations… you are so feeling the love today, right? Way to go.

    Oh, and I must add, bummer that I didn’t win. Oh well, always next time, huh? 🙂

    Petula’s last blog post..Dreaming of designer denim

  3. Thomma Lyn

    July 7, 2009 10:35 pm

    Congratulations on your awards — as always, they are very well-deserved!

    Thomma Lyn’s last blog post..Book Trailer for Mirror Blue

  4. Shelley Munro

    July 8, 2009 4:09 am

    Congratulations on the awards. I’m going blog hopping later on. 🙂

    Shelley Munro’s last blog post..One Of Those Days

  5. Devilish Southern Belle

    July 9, 2009 9:39 pm

    Wow, look at all the love people are sending your way! That’s so awesome!

    Devilish Southern Belle’s last blog post..My kids rock!

  6. Fantasy Dreamer (Donna)

    July 11, 2009 10:13 pm

    Congrats on all the lovely awards! Very deserving IMHO!

    Fantasy Dreamer (Donna)’s last blog post..Where Do You Hang Out To Talk About Books?

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