#SaystheEditor: Cooling Off


I was HOT there for awhile. A long while, actually. Clients were throwing manuscripts at me right and left, I was about a week behind for two months, and I had the best February and March ever. Whew, it was awesome.

But… for some reason — and on a timeline that seems to fluctuate — editing goes in cycles. Sadly, this last cycle is ending and things are looking … slim around here. Quiet. It’s a cooling off period, all right.

On the one hand, this is good. It can mean time to work on my own fiction. Time to develop promotional opportunities for some of my authors, who could use the boost. (What else is on my To Do list? All sorts of stuff, really, but those two examples pretty well encompass things.)

On the other hand, it also means less income. Thankfully, the new windows are in and paid for, so it’s time to save up for the annual real estate/school taxes that’ll be due in August, and oh, yeah. Food.

For anyone who’s been holding off on engaging me, now’s the time. I’ve got openings really soon, and they go all the way through the summer. It’s hard to believe it’s April and my summer’s not starting to fill up, but… it’s April and my summer’s not starting to fill up.

Take advantage. Keep an editor employed. And in the meantime, I’ll be exploring new things, expanding others, and generally making this place better than ever.


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