#SaysTheEditor Must be September


One of my clients probably said it best: “We were patiently waiting for you to come home from vacation and now we’re all throwing manuscripts at you.”

It’s a deluge over here, and I love it. As everyone starts to think about pre-Christmas book releases, my inbox is flooded. Best of all, I’ll be able to pay off that vacation. While it wasn’t exorbitant by any means (hello? camping?), it still cost a few bucks.

And yes, I do have space for more edits. Closer to the end of this month, though, or into October. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of time for me to work my magic and then for you to digest it, make the changes I suggest, and get the book to your formatter.

As always, if it’s not coming together right, don’t force it, just to hit an arbitrary date. Sure, it’d be super to have a book your readers can gift at the holidays. We all want that, myself included. But I say it all the time: getting the best book is what is vitally important. You can’t erase bad reviews, and you can’t erase a bad taste left in a reader’s mouth.

Don’t be that person.

One final note, and I hope to have more words of wisdom for you soon: The Featured New Book Spotlight has plenty of space. If you’ve got a book coming out, why isn’t the Famed One Question Interview one of your first, permanent stops?


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