So y’all want to work for me…


Wow, I’m flattered by the response my Dear Employees letter evoked.

Those of you with serious talents to add to West of Mars, don’t be shy about hounding me. This summer, I begin the process of building the infrastructure that’ll let me bring in extra editors, and I’d love to have formatters and cover artists (and… and… and… ) in the fold, as well.

If you haven’t heard, I’m also going to launch a promotional business that’ll encompass the Featured New Book spotlight but go beyond it. My dream is to revolutionize online book promotions, and yes, you’ll be able to afford to join in. Part of my vision is to have events that you authors and bloggers can join without the need to open your wallet. (Of course, the other part will be events that will hit your wallet… did I even need to say that?)

For you readers, it’ll be free, all the time. No worries there!

Of course, a new web design needs to go along with that — there’s a reason Demo Tapes 4 isn’t on the site yet. It’s in the works, and wait until you see what the supreme Tim at Tech No Riot and I have cooked up. I’m even willing to share Tim’s services, so if you’re in need, he’s your man. Tell him I sent you.

Stay tuned. Once upon a time, West of Mars was a very well-known name. The phoenix needed to die so it could be reborn, and with your help and support, West of Mars will be even bigger this time around.

It goes without saying it’s going to be better, right?

That means you’d better get your baking skills in gear and make friends with FedEx. I wasn’t kidding about those samples!


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  1. Mary Sutton

    July 10, 2013 9:48 am

    Send me Tim’s info, please.

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