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Well, drat. It’s been 24 hours or so since I came across an apparently not-as-new-as-I-thought line of rock and roll clothing. And in that time, I’ve managed to completely space on who was kind enough to point me in this direction. (Okay, it’s now been a few months after I started this post. Still spaced.)

I suspect either Blabbermouth or Brave Words. Maybe Metal Sucks. You know: my usual haunts for all news rock and roll.

Anyway, this is DirtBag. Yes, that’s the name of the company. As soon as I got to the page, I was in love. I mean, hello? That’s Phil Demmel on the front page. Phil Demmel of Machine Head, formerly of Vio-lence.

Phil Demmel, who I had a small crush on back in my radio station days. Never did anything more than sigh at the man, and never regretted my lack of action, either. I mean, heck. I got the Tour Manager! Who needs Phil Demmel when she can have a Tour Manager???? (Mrs. Phil may not agree, if there is a Mrs. Phil, but hey. I saved her man for her. Look at it that way.)

Back to the clothes. So far, these Dirt Bag folk have got the requisite tight clothes for super skinny girls and not much for us moms of two who have sort of made peace with being a bit curvier but who are finding it easier than ever to rock out. *sigh*

Bummer because I want the t-shirt with the wings on it. I never really wanted to be an angel, but to have wings? Up to now, I’d figured the only way to have wings would be to attach a set for a Fairy Ball at the Romantic Times convention or something.

With this shirt, I could have my wings AND be the cool metal chick you guys expect to see ogling the fairies at the Fairy Ball.

I’m off to diet (’cause I biked over 10 miles today and am I less curvy? Hell no. But my calves are… strong). And the DirtBag folk? As always when I find great clothes, my offer remains: you give me free clothes and I’ll make sure I get in front of cameras with those clothes on. Maybe even a pro’s camera when it’s time to take those fancy-schmancy author pictures.

Man, my books would look awfully good poking out of one of those messenger bags, too. Know that????

C’mon, DirtBag people. Who needs to sponsor bands when you can sponsor a WRITER???

(yes, typing that last line made ME snort with some form of fake laughter. Why do you ask?)


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  1. Celticlibrarian

    May 13, 2010 11:28 am

    OMG. I totally want that t-shirt with wings. It even has a v-neck.

    *adds to want list*
    .-= Celticlibrarian´s last blog ..13 Female Protagonists/13 Mysterious Authors =-.

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