Susan’s Inside Writing: Dead Tree Book Frustration


Hey, you.

Yeah, you.

Tried to buy a print copy of Trevor’s Song since I published it last JULY?

Been to my Amazon page lately?

Notice anything missing?

Yeah, me, too.

If you haven’t been around to see it, that’s okay. There’s nothing to see.

Well, no. You can see the Kindle version of Trevor’s Song over there. But you’re not after the Kindle version, or you’d have bought it already. You’re after the print version. Which until now, you’ve only been able to buy through Lulu or direct through me.

Not anymore.

This took me months to pull off. I’m not kidding. I had wanted it done in time for last year’s Musical Hanukkah Celebration, so that anyone joining the fun could pick up the book. And it took until this very morning, but it’s done.

For now, you’ll have to use my CreateSpace store, but in a few days, you’ll be able to see it on Amazon. And in a few weeks (I know!), you’ll be able to order it through any bookstore.

Best of all, while Lulu made me charge $17.98 (that was the price they demanded if I was going to put it up for sale at Amazon, which they never did, despite me telling them to. TWICE.), I can now charge what I’ve been charging when you buy it from me: $12.99.

Oh, you can still get copies from me. I’ve got 8 copies of the Lulu edition left, and I’d like to either sell them or send them out as review copies (finances permitting!). After that, it’ll be all CreateSpace editions. I’m going to out-and-out delete the Lulu version, so there won’t be any confusion whatsoever. In fact, I just did. (Oy. Now they’re saying they retired it because it can’t be deleted. WHATEVER.)

I’ll keep the first two Demo Tapes books up at Lulu, but if you guys demand it, I’ll switch them over to CreateSpace, as well. And look for Demo Tapes 3 heading your way soon!

In the meantime, mark your calendars: April 12. It’s a big day, even if I’m up to something small.


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  1. Suzan H.

    April 8, 2011 12:41 pm

    Woo-hoo! Congratulations on the birth of a new version!

    Sorry you had so much trouble with Lulu. But I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who thought their pricing structure was insane.

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