Susan’s Promo Tales: Mitchell gets interviewed!


I know. When we talk about my books, it’s usually Trevor we talk about. Heck, we’ve even called it the TREVolution, and not just because the Mitchell-lution sounds wrong.

BUT… my friend, fellow author Stacy Juba, invited ShapeShifter’s REAL main man to participate in her Sink or Swim competition. Now, we all know if this was real — or as real as fiction can get — Mitchell would growl at every last person on this reality TV show of Stacy’s and wind up the winner through sheer intimidation.

Mitchell needs YOUR help, though. Nope, nothing to buy (although I could really use the royalties, folks!). You don’t even have to enter to win the e-books. (Which is good ’cause I know you guys all have them already. If not, see what’s inside the parentheses above.)

Please. Leave a comment. The top three winners in Stacy’s game here will be determined by comments. That means Mitchell needs YOU and YOUR comments in order to win. It’s out of his hands. Go on. Here’s the link again, in fact.

Then stop in at Bitsy Bling Books and check out the lovely feature Charlie Courtland did about me and, especially, the books (because without the books, I am NOTHING. And pleased to have it that way.). This is even easier; just go look. Say hi so Charlie knows you were there, but … no obligations. Just make her stat counter dance, will ya?

I think that’s it for now… I’ve got some fiction coming up for you… stay tuned…


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  1. Alice Audrey

    February 22, 2011 10:06 pm

    Wait. You mean Bitty book’s stats? Got a link to her?

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