Susan’s Promo Tales: Rocktober


Before I begin ranting about the HORRID experience attending Penguin games at the new Consol Energy Center has become, let me direct you over to my friend Mary’s blog, BookHounds.

She’s declared October to be ROCKtober, and is featuring all sorts of great rock and roll books this month. (She’s just launched a companion blog, and you might see a familiar contributor there, as well)

Today, she’s featuring a certain someone you know. Someone who woke up with a horrid migraine from the poorly managed noise of the Consol. Someone who has something important with the one and only James Hetfield…

Stop in and see. Oh, and even though you guys all have copies of The Demo Tapes (Years 1 AND 2), Mary’s giving away HER set.

(and for you who need Trevor’s Song in print, Lulu’s running a sale: Enter coupon code EXPLORE305 at checkout and receive 14.92% off any order. Maximum savings is $50. Expires October 11.)


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