Today’s #FridayFlash…


Like I usually do on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I opened a new Word file. (Yes, I write in Word. It works for me. Shush.) I typed in the three words from the weekly Three Word Wednesday prompt.

I stared at the otherwise blank page. Had no ideas. Went back to work on the book I’m editing for a way cool client. Took a break from the edit. Stared at the otherwise blank page.

By Thursday, not only had I made great progress on the edit, I’d also had an idea. It centered on a new character, one I hesitate to bring to the blog because I think he’ll be bigger than the blog (meaning: once I finish drafting a Touch of Scandal, I’ll get to work on this one). Yep, it’s another male character.

I started writing, anyway. Maybe this would be a good teaser, a good way to start writing about this guy and his odd little quirk.

And… it took off. Got away from me. In short, it is NOT a flash.

I’ll be saving it for later. Much later. Maybe it’ll reappear here as one of my famed outtakes. Maybe it’ll be part of the novel. I’m not sure. Right now, I’m not even sure what the conflict in this guy’s life is, but I know there is one. Something beyond his dual identity, on and off the stage. Something beyond his loneliness.

Interest piqued yet?

Yeah, mine is, too.

King Trevor, April 12. We’re counting down the days…


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