Wear Your Music


As a Rock Fiction author, I sometimes think I have an image to maintain. A rep to protect, as the famous line from Grease goes.

Here’s some help.

It’s called Wear Your Music.

Now, maybe the site’s not so well-named. I mean, this doesn’t really fly as clothing, now does it?

Still, clothing or not, I’ve longed to have one. Maybe one day, for my birthday, someone will surprise me.

There are other lovely surprises on the site, as well. How many of you remember this Thursday Thirteen post I wrote back in 2007? Maybe that’s where the inspiration for guitar string bracelets came from. Wear Your Music even has bass string bracelets.

They also have something I hit on in that Thirteen post from almost five years ago: real-life guitarists have donated used strings to the site. They are then turned into bracelets, with a portion of the proceeds going to a charity designated by the artist — and the range of charities is interesting. Prices range from $50 to $500 for Eric Clapton‘s strings. $500! Wow!

In between, there’s members of Breaking Benjamin, Avril Lavigne, Carlos Santana, lots of folk you may not have heard of before (although you may recognize band names) … and two dudes named Hetfield and Hammett.

Honestly? I’d be happy with the original, non-star-used bracelets. You know what I’m gonna say… buy books. Let me afford it…


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