What’s Cherry Pie got to do with anything?


Talk about a bad song that will NOT die.

Yep, it’s Warrant’s Cherry Pie, a song that made me embarrassed to be a woman back when I was something like 16. It still does. That song… ugh. Talk about one of those songs I actively run from.

The rest of this post has very little to do with that song (I think and hope). It’s really about Jani Lane’s ex-wife, Bobbie Brown, and the autobiography she’s working on. There aren’t a lot of details about the book; rather, talk was mostly about the upcoming TV show she’s starring in, which will be all about her and some other ex-rocker wives and how they’ve reinvented their lives.

Uhh… sure. I mean, why not? We saw the great Married to Rock fizzle and die after only one season. Maybe this will succeed where that one failed. Who knows?

All I know for now is that there’s another Rock Autobiography in the works, that there’s a TV show that’ll only be on Canadian TV (bummer), and that Jani Lane continues to have passed on into another world. One where, hopefully, there’s no cherry pie.

Read the press release for yourself.



  1. Ann (bunnygirl)

    July 5, 2012 11:47 am

    I don’t remember the song although I must have heard it. If it’s that bad, perhaps I erased it from my memory to avoid having to relive the trauma.

    Did you get my email from the other night?

  2. Alice Audrey

    July 5, 2012 2:56 pm

    I hate Cherry Pie! I’m lyric-ignorant enough that it didn’t bother me at first, but after so many years, you can’t help but find it demeaning.

  3. ash krafton

    July 8, 2012 10:58 am

    This post is SWINGIN’, darling…


    I rather liked that song. I’m only embarrassed NOW that I have kids who are subjected to my playlists when we are in the car. 🙂

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