Where’s the Rock Fiction Coveting?


It’s Thursday, right? So where’s the Rock Fiction Coveting??? Susan runs a Rock Fiction Coveting every Thursday, unless Jett has time to post.

What’s going on?

Well, with West of Mars, the author services company, growing by leaps and bounds, things were getting crowded over there. It was time to give Rock Fiction its own spot in the world.

And <a href=”http://therockofpages.com”>The Rock of Pages</a> was born.

There’s not much up there yet. Yet. But have no fear, all the book reviews, the book coveting posts that are scheduled that you haven’t seen yet, the Rocktober fun… it’s all moving over to The Rock of Pages.

It’ll eventually have its own custom design, created by the same awesome team who’s giving West of Mars a new look. (This is a plug. You want Jareth and Rachel on your team. You do.) It’ll also be ad-supported, and will have the space to give every author of Rock Fiction, if they so choose, their own page devoted to their own Rock Fiction.

But for now, it’s pretty basic.


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