Another sophomore effort…


I don’t recall mentioning it here, so I won’t take the time to dig up links that probably don’t exist, but my book club read Sarah’s Key together.

I can hear you now, “Susan, that’s not Rock Fiction! What are you doing????”

Well, please remember that my book club focuses on Jewish lit. And when you view my reading in those terms, Sarah’s Key makes perfect sense. (Interestingly, I got together with one of the club members the other weekend to watch the movie version of this book — and found the movie might have been better. How often do we get to say THAT?)

Now, as I’m surfing for my reviewing gig, I came across the new book from de Rosnay — and, like my thoughts about Jacqueline Luckett’s new book, I’m seeing recurring motifs. This time, it’s the memory of a home. There’s more (an unloving mother, which is a small detail in Sarah’s Key, so small if you’ve read it, you may not understand what I’m talking about), but that’s the big one. The power of a home.

Just another interesting book fact, brought to you by my eagle eye. I’m hoping the book club will agree to read this because right now, my pleasure reading’s been reduced to… well, nothing. And I’m fine with that, oddly enough…


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