Buy a Friend a Book Week — our fourth winner!


Before I post about our winner, I’d like to take a minute and publicly thank all of you guys. I’m having a great time with this stuff. I hope you are, too.

And a HUGE public thank you to my favorite witch and her husband. They know why. I feel my sanity returning and part of my path clearing.

Okay. Now that I’ve let you in on more of my personal life than I ever have before, let’s move on to our fourth winner.

It’s Musie, of course. AmericanMuse is her screenname, and it’s an apt one. This woman could be my muse, except she talks to me via computer and not in scenes. She talks to me of awakenings, to music, to guys-as-hot-things. She talks to me of obsessions: flying out to see shows (NOTHING I’ve ever done. I swear!), meeting guys in bands, calling radio stations to win tickets.

And of getting behind an otherwise unheard-of band, and mourning their demise. (Five Bolt Main had better not follow that path!)

For all of this, Musie wins something from MY musical obsession: a Copy of This Monster Lives, the inside look at the making of Metallica’s 2004 documentary, Some Kind of Monster. An added bonus to this book is the inside look at how movies are made, which is almost more fascinating than the subject itself. (yeah, yeah, revoke my MetClub card.)

Oh, and for me, meeting Bruce Sinofsky, one of the directors, was sort of like musie’s story of being outside the club. Unexpectedly, you’re talking to a really neat person and man, if there was only more time…

Congrats, musie.


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