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Miss Pamela — Pamela Des Barres, famed groupie of the 1960s and 1970s… and beyond … — may have only been the first to pen exploits of her tales.

Then came Roxana Shirazi, whose The Last Living Slut is a memoir I keep meaning to blog about. It’s sitting on my desk and yes, I finished reading it. I know. What’s taking me so long?

I’m sure there have been others between Miss Pamela and Roxana.

Now there’s a third.

“Once Upon A Rock Star” is author Rita Rae Roxx’s ’80s sex-and-tell book about all the heavy metal rock icons she met who toured through Omaha, Nebraska back in the day and whom she followed to L.A., even while attending Omaha’s Central High School.

I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t. After all, this wasn’t even my scene; back in those days, I was already into the heavier stuff. I was the DJ. I was too cool to be a groupie, and we all thought I’d go work at a record label. One of the cool labels, that only hired the cool people, who looked down their noses at the groupies.

But… somehow… it’s like a train wreck… I can’t stay away…

Check out more info, including a photo album filled with really fucked-up men. How they did that much partying and still survived could be part of the alluring mystery of it all…


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  1. Dana Griffin

    August 14, 2012 9:55 pm

    Sometime I should pen a memoir about when I was a ski-bum and had a different ski bunny every night. Yeah, I wish.

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