Rocktober is NOT about feeling old


I mean that, too, but man, it’s hard to avoid that when there’s a new book out talking about a band you pretty much grew up with — and the reason the book is out is to celebrate that band’s FORTIETH year together.

Yikes. They’re 40. I mean, Eddie and Alex, they’re more than 40. David Lee… I’m not sure how old he is, but he’s WAY older than 40. (42, maybe?)

(Nope. Mid-to-late 50s!!)

Here. I’ll let you read what I saw on Blabbermouth:

According to the Van Halen News Desk, the editors of Guitar World magazine have compiled a new book dedicated to one of the greatest rock bands the U.S. has ever produced: VAN HALEN. The book, “Van Halen: 40 Years Of The Great American Rock Band”, tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony, Alex Van Halen and Sammy Hagar.

The book is the ultimate collection of interviews with and stories about the mighty VAN HALEN — from their beginnings as a young rock act on the Sunset Strip through their critically acclaimed 2012 comeback album, “A Different Kind of Truth”.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about every era of VAN HALEN, including:

* The 50 greatest VAN HALEN songs of all time, from “Runnin’ With The Devil” to “Tattoo” and every classic song in between. Guitar World’s editors pick the best of the best.

* The complete history of VAN HALEN — their early struggles as an unknown rock outfit to their ascension to worldwide superstar status, as well as the revolving door of singers that fronted the band after the initial departure of David Lee Roth.

* The making of nearly every VAN HALEN record in the band’s extensive catalog, including “Van Halen”, “Van Halen II”, “Women And Children First”, “1984”, “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” and “A Different Kind Of Truth”.

* Revealing interviews with Eddie Van Halen in which he details his guitar playing on nearly every VAN HALEN album, the gear he used during recordings and onstage, his relationships with his bandmates past and present and his longtime battle with alcohol.

* A legendary roundtable discussion between Eddie Van Halen and his hero, guitar pioneer Les Paul.

* In his own words, Wolfgang Van Halen: the teenage son of Eddie who became VAN HALEN’s permanent bass player after Michael Anthony’s departure.

I admit to having had my Van Halen phase. I recall it being accompanied by a water bed, a Dodge Charger, and a crew who was really too old for me, but whatever. They were fun while it lasted.

My Van Halen phase ended at the Monsters of Rock show in 1988. Not only because it was my first Metallica show and we all know what happened to Susan when she saw Metallica live, but mostly because Van Halen, live… they sounded like their records. The solos were boring and went on forever.

Right there, in the old RFK stadium, I fell out of love with Van Halen.

But I’ll read the book. Books. Music. This is what Rocktober is all about, after all!


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