Featured New Book: Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga by Virginia McKevitt


Every now and then, I put out a call for Featured New Book spotlights over Twitter. Not only do my author friends respond, they connect me with their friends. Since I pretty much consider a friend of a friend to be a friend, I’m always glad to comply.

So I’m glad to have Virginia McKevitt here this week, even though it’s Rocktober and her book, Fracture, isn’t Rock Fiction. We’ll make an exception this week.

Here’s what she had to say:

The song: When I Get Through With You by The VLA

Tegrin, an assassin from an alternate world has been sent to ours by his king to hunt and kill the Couton, a clan of women who use their beauty to steal the memories from others. In their world Tegrin’s people keep them in check, in our world they hunt freely.

They are consumed by their need to the point of murder, taking until nothing is left. Tegrin has an ally in our world. A young woman who has secrets that will be revealed in both worlds and who will change is life.

The Couton take all and leave nothing without remorse.

Ooh, a new-to-me-band, and a cool story behind it…

blurb short version:
Tegrin is the king’s most trusted assassin. His loyalty is unmatched, so when he is asked to go on a journey to a place he has never been, he does so without question.

He is sent to a world he has only read about in books, to find and return the fleeing Couton, an ancient clan of women who feed off the memories of others. His goal is to get in and out before he or his prey are discovered in a world they don’t belong.

Fate, however has a different plan for Tegrin. He encounters Kristina, a young woman whose parents were brutally murdered by the Couton.

Headstrong and set on revenge for the murder of her parents, she runs a collision course with a man who will lead her to discover she is more than meets the eye in both worlds.

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  1. Virginia McKevitt

    October 8, 2012 9:52 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing Fracture The Secret Enemy Saga in Rocktoberfest. Now ask me who my fav bands are, lol. The list is long so I’ll only give you a couple; Led Zeppelin *Dazed and Confused* the best, Pink Floyd *Wish You Were Hear*, and Metallica *Enter Sandman*, which I wanted in the book but didn’t want to be sued.
    I hope you like *When I Get Through With You* and thanks again.

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