Featured New Release: Amy Ruttan’s Gladiator’s Revenge


Amy Ruttan and I have been blog friends for years now. So long, I’ve watched her quit her day job, get pregnant with a third kid, HAVE said kid, and celebrate said kid’s first birthday. Not to mention the books she’s written and gotten out into the world.

So why hasn’t she stopped in for a Featured New Release sooner?

I do not know.

Let’s focus instead on the fact that she’s here NOW. And she has a new release to talk about: Gladiator’s Revenge.

Here’s the blurb:

Taranis had one thing on his mind since the Romans enslaved him. Revenge. Until he laid eyes on the innocent beauty of Lavina, a daughter of his enemy. It was then that he knew how to wreak revenge against those who’d wronged him—by taking one of Rome’s daughters, over and over again.

Lavina is humiliated by the decadence, greed and violence of Rome. When she meets the gaze of the condemned gladiator across the Circus Maximus, he stirs a deep yearning in her heart, but it is not meant to be. She is destined to marry a man who’s soul is as black as night.

On a whim, Emperor Nero grants Taranis freedom with his choice of a wife. Taranis chooses Lavina, much to the horror of her parents. Only Lavina is not disgusted by this prospect and revels in Taranis’ touch. He finds himself caring for and falling in love with the little Roman.

Yet, a shadow falls on their happiness and soon Lavina will have to choose between her home and her heart.

Ooh, Amy! Ancient Rome!

So… what song makes her think of her book?

The band is called ES Posthumus. I’ve never heard of them, but it’s playing as I type. It’s gorgeous. Definitely a band to explore more deeply. This could be a movie soundtrack, folks. Oh, I love it!

I can see why Amy chose it, but here’s her reasoning in her own words:

I find the song powerful. It builds up dramatically and it evokes the feeling of someone betrayed rising up and taking control of their life again. Taranis, my hero, is a slave or Rome and he wants revenge on those who wronged him, but he forgets about revenge when he finds love with the heroine Lavina. When Rome tries to take her away, he fights back to save her.

Wow! Go get this book, gang! It’s a release from Ellora’s Cave, so you know that means it’ll be sexy sexy.


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  1. Amy Ruttan

    December 3, 2010 1:07 pm

    Uh yeah I don’t know why I didn’t stop by sooner. How strange?! I know isn’t ES Posthumus stuff great. Their songs are very movie soundtrackish. I love them.

    Thanks for featuring me sweetie! HUGS!! I hope people nenjoy Gladiator’s Revenge.

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