Featured New Release: Changeling by Morgan Gallagher


I love meeting fellow writers. You guys know that. You guys also know I don’t give two figs how an author gets into print. That’s why this Featured New Release spot can highlight a friend or an author whose books I love. Or both.

Today I bring you Morgan Gallagher, a new-to-me friend. Her new, first book is called Changeling, and it looks AWESOME. It’s set in London back in the glorious 1980s (hey, if a vampire was made with big hair, were they stuck with that big hair for all eternity? Wow. Talk about a nightmare!), and yep, it’s about a vamp.

Before I give you the real blurb, let’s ask Morgan our favorite question: what song makes you think of your book?

Her answer?

Ah, obviously really. I didn’t need to think too hard, as I do think of Dreyfuss every time I hear this song. I think of lots of other things too, but this is the one that makes most connection for me, most times.

You’re So Vain (I bet you think this song is about you.)” by Carly Simon.

When I hear it, I often hear “You’re so vain, I bet you think this book is about you…. ” in my head. And the thought of an ex, in exactly the same way Carly puts into the song.

Before I get to more of the book’s good stuff, let me point out that the video I linked to is from a 1987 concert. Big hair, boys and girls!

Okay. More about the book. Here’s the back cover blurb:

London, April 1987

Dreyfuss holds all the cards: money, power and no conscience. He steals Joanne from the busy streets in a moment; she wakes in a room with no windows. He spends months schooling her to obey, tearing her down with pain and terror. When she begins to break, as hope of escape fades… he reveals his final madness: he is vampire. She too, will be vampire: his Changeling. A greater battle begins. All she has is her will and the need to be free. Can she keep fighting, or will he win?

How long can she stay human?

Changeling is the first novel in the Dreyfuss Trilogy: a compelling and unique vampire mythology for adults.

Nice, huh? You can buy the e-book at Amazon, or via Smashwords. I’m not seeing it in print yet… be sure to let Morgan know if you’d like it that way!

**One small note: The Smashwords link will let me take a small cut of the goods, via the affiliate program. Not so for Kindle. Regardless of that, I always suggest using Smashwords for ANY of your e-reader’s formatting needs. They’re good to me. I like to be good back.


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