Featured New Release: Cutting the Fat by Maria Savva and Jason McIntyre


Last week, I asked Maria Savva our famous one-question interview. Not to be left out, here’s her co-author, Jason McIntyre, telling us what song(s) make him think of Cutting the Fat.

Two songs come to mind when I think of my co-written novella, “Cutting The Fat” and both are reflective of the main bad-ass from the book, the man we all love to hate: Nestor Maronski.

As you might know, the fat bastard I love and hate at once, is a very powerful, very rich, very greasy and self-centred book reviewer for one of the largest papers in the country. He eats writing careers for dinner and then washes them down with a row of three cherry brandys. But he does it all with a prim and proper voice and in bold type so we can
all witness just how right he is. The thing about Nestor is that he believes he is always right and that his actions speak for themselves. We should all understand his motivations as we would understand the text of the bible and that he is, simply, doing the best thing for all of us.

“Reckoner” by Radiohead, plays in my mind as I think of him unknowingly getting ready to meet his maker and pay for the damage he’s done — to writers, to families like the Jamesons, to the whole of the world who have been scribbled on by his poison pen. Beautiful falsetto lyrics are sung against the jangling noise behind, maybe a rhythmic shaking of all the keys to all the rooms in the Massive Maronski McMansion on a hill. “You can’t take it with you,” Thom Yorke sings of Maronski’s fortune, of his folly, his false self-esteem. This is a man who will not understand until he stands before a tribunal of the afterlife to pay for his sins that he did anything wrong.

The other tune? “Like Eating Glass” by Bloc Party. Loud and raucous, this song has all the perfect sarcastic sentiments for Nestor as his band of wronged writers prepares to dispatch him:

“And I know that you’re busy too
I know that you care
You got your finger on the pulse
You got your eyes everywhere
And it hurts all the time when you don’t return my calls
And you haven’t got the time to remember how it was”

And, added to that, wouldn’t we all like to force those evil book reviewers to “eat glass”?

Remember to pick up Cutting the Fat from the Kindle store. Hopefully it’ll soon be available in other formats.


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  1. RJ McDonnell

    February 9, 2011 4:41 pm

    I love the concept of picking theme songs for books. Too bad there isn’t an easy and inexpensive way for authors to select the most appropriate songs for their books and drop them into trailers.

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