Featured New Release: Cutting the Fat by Maria Savva and Jason McIntyre


Last month, I ran an interview Trevor and Eric did with another fictional character: Isabelle, the maid of the horribly-detested Nestor Maronski.

I understand if you feel left out of the loop.

Time to change that. Maria Savva and Jason McIntyre were the original, organic forces behind Cutting the Fat, the tale of Nestor Maronski. It’s a fun romp, and it’s hard to believe something this polished sprung up on a message board (and without my input! I’m ashamed of myself, especially because this is AWESOME.).

To help raise your awareness of Cutting the Fat, I asked Maria to stop in and answer the West of Mars’ famed one-question interview. You’re about to see why I like Maria so much:

West of Mars asked: What song makes you think of your book?

Maria said:

There are three songs that come to mind that remind me of Cutting The Fat:
Firstly, Misery Loves Company by Anthrax. That song came into my head when I wrote some of the book. Anthrax wrote the song about Stephen King’s ‘Misery’, and I wrote a bit in Cutting The Fat that referred to Misery — the part when Russell Flemming was trying to force Nestor Maronski to write a book for him.

The second song is ‘Holier Than Thou’ by Metallica, because it sums up Nestor’s character very well. He thinks he’s better than everyone else, but really it’s just his inherited wealth that makes him influential.

Finally, ‘Burn’ by Papa Roach makes me think of how the indie writers in the book feel about Nestor, how much they want to get revenge.

See? I TOLD you Maria kicks it. Although that Papa Roach video almost didn’t get linked to… that live Metallica is some good stuff.

Having read the book (and watched it evolve), I can vouch for these three songs. (Yes, Maria gets bonus points for being like Trevor and picking more than one song. Trevor likes threesomes.)

Now, go pick up the book from the Kindle store — and if you don’t have a Kindle, why not stop in at Bestseller Bound and ask for it to be on Smashwords, or in print, or…


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