If you like Lisa Gardner…


Help a reader out!

I was chatting with a woman at the Hoity Toity Health Club because I noticed her Kindle. She said she doesn’t read much because of school, but when she does, she likes Lisa Gardner.

I went to suggest other authors to her and … my mind went blank.

Now, as soon as we started talking 50 Shades, I immediately was able to suggest Tilly Greene, Lorelei James, Megan Hart, and Lauren Dane.

But romantic suspense?

Help us both out, will ya? The only parameter is that is has to be available in e-book format. That’s it. Being publisher-blind is a good thing, so long as the books themselves are good.

(This is particularly embarrassing, as I READ Romantic Suspense and really like it… but I still blank on authors who write it!)



  1. Karen Docter

    September 20, 2012 5:08 pm

    I write romantic suspense so I read a lot of it. Lisa Gardner is one of my favorites. She always hits my Keeper Shelf. Here are a few more favs in no particular order. I always buy these ladies!

    Kylie Brant
    Brenda Novak
    Carla Neggers
    Allison Brennan
    Linda Howard
    Karen Harper
    Roxanne St. Claire
    Jaci Burton
    J.T. Ellison
    Pamela Callow
    Andrea Kane
    Sharon Sala
    Leslie Parrish

    I could probably find more if I dug through my office and rest of my 24′ wall of books but this should give you some ideas. Of course, I’m hoping to be on other readers’ Keeper Shelf myself someday. If you’d like to try my romantic suspense, my first release of my new Thorne’s Thorns series, KILLING SECRETS, will be out next month. 🙂

    Good luck finding some new authors! Happy Reading!


  2. Darcia Helle

    September 21, 2012 8:24 am

    My first book is romantic suspense – Enemies and Playmates. My second novel, Hit List, also leans into that subgenre.
    Jennifer Lane writes romantic suspense.
    Stacy Juba’s two novels are a mixture of mystery and romantic suspense.

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