More Book Coveting!


Now, I’m not the world’s hugest Queen fan, and I totally didn’t get the significance of Queen with Paul Rodgers.

That doesn’t mean the idea of a behind-the-scenes book about the pairing doesn’t get me all excited. Especially after these three I mentioned last time. And after the fact that Iron Maiden somehow inspired this post (and gave us Wardrobe Girl), I think it’s fairly well established that if it’s about rock and roll, I can pull inspiration from it.

(Then again, this particular oldie was NOT inspired by rock and roll but by my very own grocery store. So who really knows what’ll inspire me — and when. Maybe I should instead say that by reading all these nonfiction rock books, I’m picking up the details that fill in the cracks of my own music industry background and allow you guys, my readers, to live and breathe this world with me as accurately as possible.)

Anyway, here’s the latest book: Rockmos!

Only 111 are going to be printed. Boo for me and the hopes of getting a review copy. A small percentage is going to be donated to charity (nothing like what I’ll be doing in November and December this year!), and all prices that I’ve seen aren’t in US dollars.

Still, I can covet…


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