Rock Fiction Readalong!


What’s the point of loving Rock Fiction if I don’t get to share that passion?

So. Here’s the deal. Whenever I start reading some Rock Fiction (unless it’s for the review people, who prefer I remain anonymous about what I’m reading), I’m going to let you know. I encourage you guys to pick up a copy for yourself, and read along. Since my comments are always open, leave some. Leave ’em on the West of Mars Fans page at Facebook.

Spread the love. Spread the Rock Fiction.

Ready? Here we go. David Hiltbrand’s Dying to be Famous. That link’ll take you to B&N (where I am NOT an affiliate), and it looks like the book is out of print. It may require some sleuthing, but if it’s as good as its predecessor, Deader than Disco, it’ll be worth the hunt.

Happy reading!

(and no, I’m not sure what happened to my review of Killer Solo. It might have been an unfortunate victim of the hack I suffered last spring)


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