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I have so much to share with you guys, it’s mind-blowing. What a great time to be involved with music and that rare art form, Rock Fiction.

Today, it’s the news that, Founder, CEO and editor Jeb Wright has cracked open the doors to his interview vault and blown the dust off of his favorite interviews of all time and put them in one collection.

They’re promising some never-before-seen interviews and some other stuff that sounds like it was grossly overlooked. Oddly, the book has two forwards, but hey, this is rock and roll and since when has rock and roll ever been conventional?

Ooh, I hope they send it to those people who are kind enough to pay me to write book reviews for them, and then I hope that my editor assigns it to me. Or that someone sees this post and sends it on, but really, I’ll read it faster if it’s from the paying people. I’ve got a lineup of really great-looking Rock Fiction that gets pushed to the side when the paying people pop up.

’cause, you know, they’re paying me.

Yeah, yeah. Bowing to the almighty dollar is NOT very rock and roll. In fact, it’s the direct opposite. But you’d miss me if my Internet was shut off!


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  1. Imaginography

    February 12, 2012 12:34 pm

    Fingers crossed that the universe reads this and smiles on you 🙂

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