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All right, I’m moving to California so I can be closer to our friend Mary, over at BookHounds. Seriously. I’m the rock and roll fiction expert, but SHE gets all the books! What’s up with THAT???

Yep, that means this book came to me via Mary. Well, the book itself hasn’t. Not yet. Just the knowledge of it has. That’s why I’m writing this post: I covet this book. Gotta read it.

It’s Rules to Rock By, and it was written by Josh Farrar, who’s been around the music biz a bit more than I ever was. Here’s the blurb:

You’d never guess it now, but Annabelle Cabrera used to be a rock star. And not like her mom or dad called her a “total rock star” after she won a spelling bee or something. She was a real rock star, the bassist of Egg Mountain, the most popular band in the New York music scene. But when her parents uproot her from Brooklyn and move her to Rhode Island so they can record their own album, Annabelle feels lost. Starting a new band isn’t as easy as she’d hoped, the school’s rival band is a bunch of bullies, and her parents are so immersed in recording that they’re completely neglecting Annabelle and her younger brother. How can Annabelle truly make herself heard?

And while we’re dishing on Mary, let me point out another one she’s brought to my attention: Steven Tyler’s upcoming memoir, Does The Noise in my Head Bother You? Yes, boys and girls. Steven Tyler. Aerosmith. One half of the Toxic Twins (and the cool light blue t-shirt I have that pokes fun at them. Dad of Liv. American Idol judge. And on and on.

You know, together, Mary and I could rule the rock and roll world, at least in books. Maybe that’s why it’s so bloody hard to get our hands on promo copies of some of these babies…


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  1. Vanessa Morgan

    December 29, 2010 4:48 pm

    Hi Susan… I found you through your Network Your Blog post on BookBlogs. You have two new followers now – me and my cat I hope you’ll follow the two of us back 😉 Happy Holidays!

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