Susan’s Book Coveting: Iron Maiden


I sat down to write all about On Board Flight 666, the pictoral book created by Iron Maiden’s official photographer. I can’t find a link at Powell’s about it, but I found these two books, instead.

First is the book written by the dude who sang with Maiden before Bruce Dickinson. His name is Paul Di’Anno and it sounds like his autobiography is a dark exploration of addiction and all sorts of other ugly issues. The Beast: Singing with Iron Maiden is the name of the book. I’m glad I surfed my way to this one. That’s a definite covet.

The next one is another slam-dunk, at least as far as I’m concerned. Photographer Ross Halfin (yes, he who did the sorta recent Metallica book I am STILL coveting. The respect for this rock and roll writer seems to be missing here, folks!) did a similar book, only with Iron Maiden as his subject. Mrrrow again. Ross Halfin is a kick-ass photographer. I’d love to be him for a day. Of course, if I get that chance, I’ll rename his book. Iron Maiden isn’t a very exciting title.

Guess he saves his excitement for the camera. I can live with that, given how darn good he is.

Now, back to On Board Flight 666. Here’s the info from the press release I saw:

…official photographer John McMurtrie travelled with the band on board their Boeing 757 jet named Ed Force One from January 2008, capturing on camera not only the five continents visited on the Somewhere Back In Time World Tour but also the Round The World In 66 Days leg of The Final Frontier World Tour earlier this year. This extensive coverage will be made available later this year as a photographic book, entitled ‘ON BOARD FLIGHT 666’. Published by Orion Books it will feature hundreds of stunning photos with explanatory text, giving an exclusive, behind-the-scenes pictorial documentation of both tours.

Yep. That’s another one I need. In fact, that’s three. A three-fer this week!

You guys know it. Trevor’s eyes just lit up.


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