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I usually don’t do a big Book Coveting post for fiction. Instead, I quietly add the books I covet to my wishlists at and BookMooch and wait for them to arrive.

I wanted to mention this one, though. I wanted to see what you guys think of it.

It’s called How the Mistakes Were Made. Tyler McMahon wrote it. And to me, it screams of Courtney Love.

Here’s the blurb, thanks to

Laura Loss came of age in the hardcore punk scene of the early 1980s. The jailbait bass player in her brother Anthony’s band, she grew up traveling the country, playing her heart out in a tight network of show venues to crowds soaked in blood and sweat. The band became notorious, the stars of a shadow music industry. But when Laura was 18, it all fell apart. Anthony’s own fans destroyed him, something which Laura never forgot.

Ten years later, Laura finds her true fame with the formation of The Mistakes, a gifted rock band that bursts out of ‘90s Seattle to god-like celebrity. When she discovered Nathan and Sean, the two flannel-clad misfits who, along with her, composed the band, she instantly understood that Sean’s synesthesia — a blending of the senses that allows him to “see” the music — infused his playing with an edge that would take them to the top. And it did. But it, along with his love for Laura, would also be their downfall.

At the moment of their greatest fame, the volatile bonds between the three explode in a mushroom cloud of betrayal, deceit, and untimely endings. The world blames Laura for destroying its rock heroes. Hated by the fans shes spent her life serving, she finally tells her side of the story, the “true” story, of the rise and fall of The Mistakes.

I know… it’s NOT a Roman a Clef, like my first impression led me to believe. But still. Don’t you see Courtney in here?



  1. Matt Syverson

    October 10, 2011 7:43 pm

    Sounds like it’s based on our favorite train wreck.

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