Susan’s Book Coveting


I know! I’ve spent this WHOLE month coveting books. Rocktober, baby. I hope you’ve been following the reviews over at Rocks ‘n Reads, too. It’s not all been wishful thinking.

Here’s one that’s a little bit off the beaten path, but I will want it once it has a title and a cover and … well, a spine. And I don’t mean that metaphorically.

WAAAAY back on October 4, it was announced via GalleyCat that Duran Duran bassist, John Taylor, has signed a half-million dollar deal for his memoir.

I know. What I could do with a half-million dollars.

He won’t GET a half-million dollars. After taxes and agents’ fees and the way deals are structured, he’ll really only get a part of it. If you thought Hollywood accounting was convoluted…

Anyhoo, the book is described like this:

This book recounts the million tiny seductions that are required to make the journey from English suburbia to selling out Madison Square Garden—seductions that go by a hundred different names; family, friendship, romances, collaborations and strategic alliances. Here is my journey and where it took me; into fantastic success, more than a little decadence, darkness, and finally, I like to think, a little enlightenment.

That’s a quote from Mr. Taylor, himself. Sounds like it’ll be good, juicy, and inspiring to me, no? I’ve been lately wanting to learn more about pop music and how it differs from Rock and Roll. My one experience with a bubble gum tour wasn’t terribly enlightening. Except, of course, for the ways in which it was…


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