Susan’s Book Coveting: Aerosmith’s Turn


As I’m typing this, the book on my nightstand, for before bedtime reading, is Aerosmith’s famed autobiography, Walk This Way. I hadn’t realized it was published in 2003; I have no idea how long it’s been hanging around in my house, waiting for its turn to get read. And I’ve got to admit… the early stuff is slow going.

Now comes word that, hot on the heels of Steven Tyler’s Does The Noise in my Head Bother You (Yet ANOTHER long title!) comes his Aerosmith bandmate, Joey Kramer. Joey’s written his own biography: Hit Hard: A Story of Hitting Rock Bottom at the Top. (Another title that goes to 11…)

At first, I kinda groaned. Here we go again. How many train wreck rock star autobiographies can there be, already? And given the plethora of them, is it any wonder that so many entries in the rock fiction genre are so amazingly stereotyped?

Well, guess again. This is the story of Joey’s battle with depression — and more. Not a train wreck, at all.

Bring it.


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