Susan’s Book Coveting: Deep Purple and Beyond: Scenes from the Life of a Rock Star


By and large, I’d consider it against my religion or good sense to consider reading a book with more than ten words in its title. Maybe it’s against both.

We live in a world where it’s okay to make exceptions, and I’m glad of that. I’d like to read this one. It’s about Deep Purple, after all. In fact, the fist part of the title is Deep Purple and Beyond. And yes, it IS about the band Deep Purple.

Want to know how I know? It’s easy. The author is none other than Deep Purple singer Glenn Hughes.

Want a bonus? My buddy Lars Ulrich — yeah, THAT Lars — wrote the foreward.

Need another bonus? The highly esteemed (by me) Joel McIver was Glenn’s co-author.

I’d read pretty much anything Joel McIver wrote. I say that ’cause I’ve already had the pleasure. More, Joel! More!


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