Susan’s Book Coveting: Fall to Pieces


How can I NOT be fascinated with Scott Weiland??? The drugs, the success, the way it’s all played out in public… Of COURSE I want to know more.

Now, I can. Scott’s wife (do you believe she’s stayed by his side through all this? Good for her; I know it can’t have been easy) has a new book out, called Fall To Pieces. Go figure, but I really dig that Velvet Revolver song.

And yep, you know I need to read it, even though it covers more than her life with Scott. It’s a personal journey, as well.

I continue to drool…


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  1. Laina Turner

    December 8, 2010 11:29 pm

    I admit I have followed his ups and downs. He is lucky in many ways but especially for his wife.

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