Susan’s Book Coveting: Feed me!


I’ll own up to it. I will. I own two cookbooks full of Rock Star Recipes. (maybe one day, we should sponsor a cookoff? Hmm.)

I still don’t have a copy of Mosh Potatoes, but I’d love one. (HINT)

And now comes word of a new one: For Those About to Cook. It’s brought to us by Bruce Moore, and at $35, it’s a bit pricey. Too pricey for me here (fix that! Buy my books!). Is it too pricey for you?

This isn’t your typical cookbook, I don’t think. It’s described thus: “a collection of recipes, anecdotes and pictures from musicians and music industry personnel” and twice in the book description are mentions of this being a collector’s item.

But… there’s no mention of who the musicians and music industry personnel are. No mention of the recipes included. Of course, the book insists this is perfect for collectors. Does that mean collectors don’t cook?


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  1. Serena

    October 21, 2011 8:22 am

    I must be out of the loop. I had no idea that they actually had rock star cookbooks, but it shouldn’t surprise me since Paltrow has one.

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