Susan’s Book Coveting: Freddy Mercury and Queen


Oh, come now. I’ve blogged about being willing to read the history of MTV. Why are you blinking your eyes at the idea of me drooling over a book featuring Queen and Freddy Mercury?

Part of what I get jazzed about (ha) when it comes to music is its history. Like Freddy and Queen or hate him and the gang, you can’t deny the impact they had, collectively, on the face of rock and roll.

So. Here’s the book: Bohemian Rhapsodies: True And Authorized Tales By QUEEN Fans & Celebrities by Robyn Dunford

Whee! Authorized!

I’ve also gotten word, while I’m here coveting, of a two-book series that might be too technical for me, but what the heck. I’ll try pretty much anything. Classic Rock Revisited Presents Vol. 1: Rock Icons & Metal Gods and Classic Rock Revisited Presents Vol. 2: Fret Board Wizards.

Rock Icons and Metal Gods. Fret Board Wizards.

Maybe I let myself be scared off by the idea of Fret Board Wizards ’cause there’s NOTHING technical in the idea of Rock Icons and Metal Gods.

Think Mitchell made the list?

Me, either. Poor guy.

Know who I’m sure didn’t make that list, either? Neil Peart. He’s a drummer, and drummers rarely if ever get the attention they deserve. Even one like Neil Peart, who truly is an icon. He’s also amazing, about to release his fifth book. This one is called Far and Away: A Prize Every Time. You can preorder it at, where I’m part of their affiliate program. If I ever make enough to buy you guys some books, expect them to be some of these books I’ve coveted!

Anyway, this latest is a travelogue of life on the road with Rush. And with his love of taking his motorcycles out… dude. I’ve read some of his blogs. Neil Peart can do more than beat the skins. WAY more.

That’s three to add to my ever-growing list. You know, I have a birthday coming up in April. Books make great gifts… (in my world, book royalties make better gifts, but I won’t argue with any of the books I’ve coveted on this here blog. Unless I’ve already gotten my paws on it.)



  1. netta

    February 13, 2011 10:11 am

    Oooo. I might just have to nab that Queen bio. I have four of their albums in vinyl, saw them in concert in 1977 and I agree. They changed *everything* up. Amazing, amazing band, although it seems weird to call them a band. I don’t know why!

  2. Patricia Boyle

    February 13, 2011 10:13 pm

    I loved Freddie Mercury – that voice. There are a lot of popular bands but their popularity often rests on the amount of noise they make. Freddie had a VOICE, classically trained. So sad that he had such a short life.

  3. bobkat

    February 15, 2011 7:47 pm

    Now they sound like some books I would enjoy!

    You’re spot on about Neil Peart. I saw Rush in the 80’s and it’s the only drum solo that I felt didn’t go on long enough! A fantastic performer and percussionist.

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