Susan’s Book Coveting: Johnny Ramone


I don’t care who you are or what music you like, there’s at least one Ramones song that gets your toes tapping. (Go ahead and name your fave in the comments. I don’t have a prize for the best choice, other than some fun.)

I’ve read Lobotomy, Dee Dee Ramone’s autobiography. It holds a place of honor on my bookshelves, all silvery goodness between some of my favorite Rock Fiction volumes. Now comes a new autobiography to join it.

Johnny Ramone’s written an autobiography. It’s called COMMANDO, and I really hope that’s not to publicly settle the boxers or briefs discussion. Doing so takes some serious brass balls, doesn’t it? Like, WOW.

Which means, undie issue aside, I covet this book. As if that’s any surprise to any of you.

It comes out in April, but if you only buy one book in April, make it mine. King Trevor. April 12. Just a reminder. (Johnny will wait for you to have book-buying funds in May. So will I, for that matter, but … c’mon. Trevor may be worth the wait, but you’ve also waited way too long as it is.)


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