Susan’s Book Coveting: Kickstarting Apocalyptica


We’ll end this grand Rocktober month with one of my favorite bands: Apocalyptica.

During the luscious month of Rocktober, it seemed I was getting word of an upcoming book every few days. I told you guys about as many of them as I could. Here’s one more.

Apocalyptica, those hot Finnish cellists, brought a photographer friend on the road with them, intending to put out one of those behind-the-scenes books that make music junkies like me pine for a return to the days when working in the music business was practical — and happening.

I guess no one is smart enough to fund this project because, in true Kickstarter fashion, they are asking their fans to chip in and help the cause. Baby, if I weren’t busy trying to fund my OWN cause over here, I’d be involved in this, especially if it would get me my very own copy of the book. (and I ought to read more carefully because this is better than Kickstarter. It’s called Pledge Music and it’s got a charity component. AND you get a copy of the book.)

The band is also offering some nice-sounding goodies, most of which are already gone as I type this, way earlier in the month. Go look it over, yourself.

Ahh, this is one I truly covet, to the point where if I ever get my hands on it, I just might sleep with it under my pillow…


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