Susan’s Book Coveting: Let it Rock


We all have one spot, one place, one moment, one band who is so integral on our musical journeys that without them, life would be so utterly different, we can’t even begin to get our brains around it.

Such as it is for me with Bon Jovi.

I know! Me. Your favorite Metallica fan. The woman who swoons at the honey in David Draiman’s voice. Who has this strange pull and compulsion to the new Machine Head single.

It all began for me with Slippery When Wet. It really did.

Now comes word of a new book, Let it Rock. It’s going to detail the making of this seminal record (seminal for myself and many), and yeah. I’m quite sure it’ll come with a whole slew of memories and flashbacks to high school and beyond, when my only drive and desire was to write books while working for a record label.

Yep. Blame all my Rock Fiction on Bon Jovi. For me, that’s where it began.

Read more here. I’ve got memories to sort through…


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  1. RJ McDonnell

    March 10, 2012 12:12 pm

    A couple of weeks ago I saw a friend play at a local ski lodge. He joined my table at the break and told us about touring Europe with Noel Redding and a mutual friend, Jiggs Shorten. One night Jiggs got sick, and couldn’t play. Noel said he’d go out, find a replacement drummer, and meet my friend at the gig. Two hours later Noel showed up with Tico Torres.

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