Susan’s Book Coveting: Rock on!


I’m typing this with a cat on my lap, so please ignore any typos. I should mention I’m also using a laptop. And I’m short. That means not a lot of real estate for a cat AND a computer.

Welcome to my life.

Let’s focus on what really matters around here. No, not more griping from me. Books!

First up is the new one from Nikki Sixx, who sorta pissed me off by saying he didn’t want The Heroin Diaries to become a PSA for suburban housewives. I’m a writer, thankyouverymuch, even if I am home all day long and live in the suburbs of Mars. And besides, Nikki, you wrote a book I related to. Bite me.

His book, once the biting is over, is called This is Gonna Hurt. It’s a memoir. It’s a photo gallery. It’s Nikki and it’s gonna be all-around cool. I hope.

And yes, it’ll have a soundtrack from Sixx AM. I hope you guys remember how much I liked the soundtrack to The Heroin Diaries. If not, here’s a link to some thoughts on the subject from Chelle.

Not enough real-life rock and roll for you? I know. I don’t delve into it here on the Meet and Greet nearly often enough. I’m making up for it today, I suppose.

Next up is I’m in the Band, written by the ultra-gorgeous (or so I perceived her when in my 20s and seeing White Zombie for the first and only time. Only? Hmm. Maybe not…) Sean Yseult. Yes, Sean’s a woman. And she’s compiled ELEVEN years of tour diaries into this one book. I’m in heaven, and not just because of the Spinal Tap reference there. Sean’s diaries went to eleven, everyone!

STILL not enough?

Yeah, for me, either. So now let’s move on to Corey Taylor. Maybe you’ve heard of his band, Stone Sour. Or that other side project he’s got. I think it’s called something like Slipknot. His book is called The Seven Deadly Sins, and it talks about the WILD years with Slipknot. This is a Susan Must Have book.

Hell, all three of them are.

So… if you’ve got connections or are in the know or what have you, why not send your favorite rock and roll writer a review copy? I’d be glad to read and review it over at Rocks ‘n Reads, where all the cool book reviews hang out…

(Damn. Only one of the three has a buy link up at C’mon, publicists! I NEED these books! And no, I can’t buy them myself. Seen my royalty checks lately???)



  1. gel

    September 10, 2010 1:49 am

    OOh, I love to read. I’ve not heard of any of these books. Will check on them at the library when some free time happens.

    L’shana tova
    .-= gel´s last blog ..Anniversary Heaven =-.

  2. Darcia Helle

    September 10, 2010 12:48 pm

    More books for my to-read list? That’s it. I need to stop cleaning and sleeping. It’s the only way I will make the slightest bit of progress!

    You know, I’ve had The Heroin Diaries since it came out and I still haven’t read it. My younger son took it first. He gave it back to me a few weeks later and still it sits unread on my shelf. And now he has another? I’ll need to do a Nikki Sixx reading marathon.

    I love Corey Taylor! I could get lost in his voice.
    .-= Darcia Helle´s last blog ..Let’s Talk Giveaways! =-.

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