Susan’s Book Coveting? Rodney’s Life Story


I know that if this one finds its way to me, I’ll devour it the same way I devour every other rock and roll memoir and rock novel. At least, I begin to devour them all the same way. If they lose me, they lose me and life goes on.

Will this one lose me? I have no idea. Only one way to find out!

Now, here’s the thing. The subject of the book is a singer whose music I pretty consistently turn off when it comes up on my radio dials. It’s not that I don’t like his stuff, it’s that … well, it’s old. I’m tired of it. And the new stuff I’ve heard… well, okay. I don’t like what I’ve heard of that.

That doesn’t mean someone whose career is as long-running as Rod Stewart has a life story that’s going to be as unwelcome in my world as some of his songs have become. For one, Rod’s old enough to have lived — and to have the wisdom (one would hope) to share some nuggets with us. For another, Rod’s lived through some pretty darn amazing times. He’s seen shifts in the music business that kids today only read about.

Yeah. I’ll read Rod Stewart’s forthcoming memoir. Absolutely.


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  1. Shelley Munro

    October 19, 2011 9:48 pm

    He’s certainly been around a long time and has had an interesting career. I think I’d read his book too.

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