Susan’s Book Coveting: Shut up and Give me the Mic


I’ll admit it. The more I’ve seen of Dee Snider of late, the more I am intrigued by the guy. First hearing he’d be on Broadway in Rock of Ages. Then watching old footage of him talking about the PMRC hearings back in the 80s. And most recently, watching him on Celebrity Wife Swap.

Yep, I watched it. Got a problem with that?

There was something really sweet about a man who takes his borrowed wife out on a date. I will carry that envy with me to eternity.

All this means, of course, that when news came out the other day about his new autobiography, Shut up and Give Me the Mic, I drooled. If I can’t be friends with the man (at least as how he’s presented himself of late) and his wife, who is tough-as-shit and who can be my mentor any day, then the next best thing is a book. Right?



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