Susan’s Book Coveting: The Deep Purple Royal Family: Chain Of Events ’80-’11


Did you EVER think there could be four books about ONE band?

Wait. I know there are a million of books about certain (ahem) bands. I’ve posted about a bunch of them. Coveted them.

In this case, we’re talking about four books written by ONE man. About ONE band.

The author is the very-prolific Martin Popoff.

The band? This is where it gets a bit odd. It’s Deep Purple!

Deep. Purple.

FOUR BOOKS following their career. Holy smoke!

I am curious as to what can be in there. I hope it’s not how often each visited the privvy…

Here’s the press release, which adds a whole new level of mystery to things:

According to a press release I came across from Popoff himself, “this is the second and closing chapter to the elaborate and experimental hit project that was The Deep Purple Royal Family: Chain Of Events Through ’79

Second? Then why did they say it’s the fourth book he’s written? Mr. Popoff, are you repeating yourself?

I suppose that’s better than details of their privvy visits…



  1. Mary (BookHounds)

    October 6, 2011 9:25 am

    More like Holy Smoke on the Water…. just sayin’

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